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The Monkey Clean® drying cloth (60x40cm) was specially developed for streak- and lint-free drying and polishing of sensitive surfaces, such as streak-free cleaning of windows.

The crazy cloth dries windows, mirrors, glass shower walls, but also all shiny surfaces such as high-gloss kitchens, chrome steel, car paint, tiles, glass ceramics, leaving them sparkling clean without streaks.

The Monkey Clean® cleaning cloth (25x20cm) was specially developed for cleaning washable surfaces. The cleaning cloth removes even greasy and oily dirt quickly and effectively.

It sits comfortably in the hand, has above-average suction power and, thanks to its high cleaning power, requires little or no dishwashing detergent.

Monkey Clean® Pro88 Sustainability Box

CHF110.00 Regular Price
CHF88.00Sale Price
  • Streak-free drying
    no lint when drying
    Dry when wet
    for sensitive surfaces

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