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Thanks to the natural soaps and the finest clay, the Perglanz cleaning stone thoroughly and gently cleans, polishes and protects all surfaces made of glass, plastic, ceramic, porcelain, metal and many more.

As a sustainable universal cleaner, you can use Perglanz throughout the home, but also in the garden or garage.

  • Perglanz cleans, polishes, protects, cares for and preserves in one step and should not be missing from any household.

  • The all-rounder cleans even stubborn encrustations effortlessly. Thanks to its special combination of high-quality natural ingredients, it is suitable for almost all surfaces.

  • Its preservative properties and the resulting beading effect reduce the rapid re-contamination.

The environmentally friendly all-rounder | Perglanz cleaning stone 1000g

  • Simply glide the damp pearlescent sponge over the clay and clean the desired object.

    Then rinse well with water.

    And rub with the MonkeyClean dry cloth. Done!

  • Kitchen: Stainless steel cover; sink; kitchen cabinets; glass ceramic; cooking pots; pans; water fittings etc.

    Bathroom: shower cubicle made of glass and plastic; bathtub; mirror; sanitary ceramics; sanitary fittings, etc.

    Car : fittings; headliner; rims; chrome parts etc.

    Metals : brass; tin; zinc; copper; bronze; aluminium; for example musical instruments, trophies, pans, cups etc.

    Hobby: Boats; caravans; motorcycles; bicycles etc.

    Household : irons; white sneakers; white leather items; imitation leather items; silver and chrome cutlery; jewelry; coins etc.

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