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Streak-free cleaning couldn’t be easier!

That's why 78,000 households have already chosen MonkeyClean.

Save money and conserve resources now!

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Above-average drying and cleaning power for outstanding results.

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Experience streak-free cleanliness in half the time - efficiency on a new level.

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No more sticky hands - MonkeyClean offers a pleasant cleaning experience.

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Trust a Swiss manufacturer with a 100% satisfaction guarantee with a 7-day return policy.

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Sustainability through longevity and quality.


Get the exclusive
9-piece Monkey
Clean Premium Set for an incredible CHF39.90   instead of CH F50.00  
Only for a short time and while stocks last!

Test MonkeyClean now in the comfort of your own home

on your windows, mirrors and high-gloss kitchens throughout your home.

If you are not 100% satisfied, simply send us the goods back within 7 days.

Invest now and get started!

The 9-piece Monkey Clean Premium Set includes:

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Our bestseller the best drying cloth of all time for streak-free drying 3 pieces

MC 2.jpg

The most popular cleaning cloth with extra cleaning power 3 pieces

MC 2.jpg

Special optical cloth for smartphones, sunglasses, photo lenses 3 pieces

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100% satisfaction guarantee or you can return the goods within 7 days

Our success stories

Check out what our happy customers say about Monkey-Clean:

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We stand for...


Each other

People are in the center.



Responsibly manufactured products.



100% satisfaction

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